Custom Homes

While the market is flooded with many new houses for sale, some people are looking for a builder who can build a custom house to suit their needs and design preferences. We have also noticed that over the recent years, the quality of new homes seems to have declined as houses are thrown together and speculated to make a fast buck. Often times, it is also hard to find the right floor plan among the thousands of online plans available.

Carrying on the tradition of his father, Ken Milton, Todd Milton and Milton Construction Company are among the few contractors who can design and build your unique custom home. The journey from your ideas to an actual house you can live in is one of our specialties.

Early American inspired kitchen with custom antique modeled cabinets
The pictures here are just such a case in point. These folks spent a few years speaking with us prior to starting the planning process. After many conversations, we eventually were able to put their ideas into the form of blueprints—and then, finally—their home. This was probably the most unique and custom-tailored home we have ever built. In the pictures that follow, you will see the front porch plus another custom home built very closely to plans purchased from an online resource. Also, when you scroll, you will see a southern hospitality home and a smaller starter home that we have built several times in various locations here.

When we first met with Todd and Ken of Milton Construction, we knew right away they were the builders for us. They could have not been any more helpful to us than they were. We were living 900 miles away from the property we were building our retirement home on. We knew there were going to be obstacles to overcome living so far and not being able to see progress and oversee the building. But, we needed not worry, Todd was always in contact with us via e-mails and phone. Any questions or changes he understood and made happen.

Milton Construction went the extra mile to make us happy. We never felt we had to question anything done to our home. They delivered on their promises and we are happy to report that the house was ready on time for us to move in. They worked through snow and any other condition that presented it self. The quality of their construction is flawless and professional. They use the best materials and qualified workers. We can’t say enough good about Milton Construction. Even after we moved in they are fine-tuning a few things in a timely manner. Thank you for making my dream house come to life. I look forward to living here a long long time.

John and Diana

Appomattox, VA

Use our form or Contact Info below to schedule a consultation for your custom home project

Use our form or Contact Info below to schedule a consultation for your custom home project